Predictions For 2019: How Digital Marketing Will Change

Predictions For 2019: How Digital Marketing Will Change

Predictions for 2019: How Digital Marketing Will Change. A blog article about the future of digital marketing. Predictions such as robot-driven content, AI-enabled copywriters, and a possible increase in social media ad revenue due to more use of AI devices are all brought up in this article with annotations added by the author.

How will digital marketing change in 2019?

2019 is fast approaching and the year in digital marketing looks to be incredible. This year, a shift will occur and marketers will take on a more data-driven approach as opposed to marketing based on social media comments. By utilizing data such as customer satisfaction, purchase history, and more, marketers will be able to get new leads that are more likely to convert into sales.

Will the rise of digital marketing lead to more human contact?

In the past, marketing has been centered around content and it has resulted in a decrease of human interaction. The rise of digital marketing has led to more direct communications with customers, but will this lead to an increase in human contact? Companies are beginning to look for ways that they can implement digital marketing without compromising their values or hurting the environment.

Will the shift towards Facebook ads result in clickbait content?

As consumers grow weary of ads and clickbait, social media marketing has changed to be more immersive. Social media companies have put a lot more emphasis on live videos and content production. It is predicted that there will be an increase in the number of posts that are targeted at younger audiences, who happen to be more interested in live content than brand-driven posts.

Will people continue buying from Amazon or have other shopping preferences?

The rise of Amazon has been a recent phenomenon. Many people use it as their go-to shopping site, but the retailer behind it is still growing. The company is predicted to become the third largest employer in the U.S., but that's not stopping it from continuing its expansions. In 2019, we will see how digital marketing changes and affects other retailers.

Digital marketing trends for 2019: increasing content, diversifying audience, AI

In 2019, the digital marketing world will be significantly different that what has been seen in the past. There are a list of predictions for this year and most of them are focused on how content will change as a result of AI technology. As we continue to progress as a society, there is more demand for information and companies are looking for ways to stay up to date with trends.

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